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May Geocities Live On in the Internet Vault (Credit: Unknown)


We’ve grown up with dial-up modems when Geocities were the bees’ knees and it was all about MIDI music jingles, a single scrolling Marquee and basic HTML.

Sure, they look ancient and cheesy now, but they got the point across
and they were easy to find.

Since then, the internet has rapidly evolved beyond those simple things.
There’s exponentially more complex websites and social media platforms galore.
It’s not so easy to find those websites anymore
unless they show up first on Google.

So, how do you let the world know that your website even exists
and that you’ve got something to offer
without losing your sanity to the sea of social media?

This is where Pinterest comes into play.

SERVICES: How I Can Help

I understand that it’s not about spending thousands of dollars on making a website look good. It’s about investing that time and money into a stable source of visitors (and CUSTOMERS) who can arrive at your site for years to come.

I specialize in drawing internet traffic to you with the power of Pinterest. Contrary to what many say and what beta features it occasionally ads, Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. It is primarily a Visual Search Engine where
people come to search for answers, inspiration and products to solve their problems.

I help you by managing your organic and ad marketing strategy, implementing it with Pinterest’s ever-changing best practices, studying the data analytics and refining your site’s conversion process
so your content continues to be seen for years.