Do you want to understand your site visitors? Do you need to assess your ad campaigns' effectiveness?

Digital marketing involves a diversified set of methods. We’re talking about email marketing, online ad placements, social media and search engine optimization. Each of these have their own set of variables like graphics, copy, timeliness and targeting. Each has a factor in encouraging your potential customer to buy. 

Real-Life Example: You’re finding out that most of your website traffic is coming from Pinterest users who found your pin on the benefits of practicing anatomically safer versions of “hip openers” in yoga poses. They’re mostly from Los Angeles and the UK. They’re women aged between 25-40 and they’re viewing your pin from their iPhone at around 9:30pm on a weekday evening. Now that you know this, you can leverage the data by promoting a pin creative with specific messaging for this demographic instead of increasing your adspend with FB which has only bringing in 10% of the internet traffic at a higher CPC and lower ROAS with the same targeting.

This is the first half of the game.

What happens once these campaigns draw visitors to your site? Are they finding enough value to stick around for more or are they leaving right away? Google Analytics will tell you these details and more.

Real-Life Example (con’t): You can see that your visitors were leaving after 1 minute of visiting your blog post about yoga. After analysis of your blog post optimization, you thought that it would be beneficial to add within the post some links to related posts that could be of value to them. 

After a few weeks of testing this idea out, the Google Analytics showed that the bounce rate decreased and the visit time increased to over 6 minutes. This correlated with the increase in email subscribers and FB messenger inquiries requesting help on other aspects of yoga.

We can help you setup your Google Analytics. We’ll follow the trail of data, help you understand your incoming traffic’s behavior from start to finish and finesse the journey so it’s easier for them to warm up to your offerings.. 

You can always register for a free Google Analytics account, get your individual tracking codes and insert them yourself. What we do is dive deep into the data and get a better sense of what’s occurring with your digital marketing campaigns. It’s this sea of data that can help you decide to adjust specific parts and fortify the entire sales funnel process.